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The Descartes Web Site is under the direction of
Patricia Easton

Department of Philosophy
Claremont Graduate University

This website provides both french and english searchable texts of Descartes's final work, The Passions of the Soul. The site is set up in searchable frames so that the french text can be read side by side with the english text.

I am grateful to Professor Stephen Voss who has made his "Philosophical Concordance" to the Passions of the Soul available. The Concordance organizes frequently used terms in the Passions alphabetically, and provides the specific passage where each term may be found in the Adam and Tannery edition of the text.  The Catalogue, which accompanies the concordance, organizes terms according to their use and meaning. As Dr. Voss describes the purpose of the concordance, "...the intent to create a tool for serious--that is, conscious--reflection upon these questions, rather than for tasks accessible to mechanical kinds of intelligence."

It is my hope that by making these texts electronically accessible—in their close to original forms in English and in French—along with Dr. Voss's concordance tool that serious study and conscious reflection of Descartes's important work on the passions will indeed be fostered.

The site was supported by an internal grant from the Claremont Graduate University  to provide searchable English and French editions of the last published work of René Descartes,The Passions of the Soul (1649).

The Descartes Web Site was designed by Kenneth Brown, and is modified and maintained by Lynora Rogacs. With research help from Kurt Smith. French text prepared by Patricia Easton, English text prepared by Michelle Peguero, Patricia Easton, and Kenneth Brown

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This site last updated May 1, 2008

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