My greatest debt is to Nuel D. Belnap, Jr., the benevolent author of BINDEX, the computer program that facilitated this project.  Many people, like Mary Rose and Yvonne Pittelkow of the Australian National University, and Tim Chalmers, James Doyle, Steve Kennedy, Lawrence Kittinger, Jimmy Lee, and Michael Rusk of San Jose State University, kindly lent computer expertise.  Charles Paul, of San Jose State University's Humanities Department, helped me bring Descartes's French up to date.  I want to acknowledge some further debts which are perhaps more diffuse but are surely as real.  I am grateful for the confidence which Professor John A. Passmore exhibited in my work, which enabled me to begin this project under the pleasant auspices of the Department of Philosophy, RSSS, of the Australian National University.  My wife Karen Voss--not to mention my daughters Juliet Arwen, Tamara Kathleen, Serenity Grace Esmeralda, and Amarantha Sarah Persephone--found many and varied ways throughout to make life a delight. 

Thank you: I am grateful to you all.

Istanbul, 1995 

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